Founding Partner:

In 2011 Science Gallery received a gift of €1m from the philanthropic arm of Google to support the development of the Global Science Gallery Network, which enabled the establishment of the non-profit organisation Science Gallery International to manage this. The gift was part of a total of €100m in charitable giving from Google in 2011.

Dr. Michael John Gorman, Founding Director of Trinity’s Science Gallery and CEO of SGI says: “By offering this transformational support, Google is helping to take Science Gallery to the next level and allow it to scale its impact internationally.”

David Martin, Director, Geo Operations, Google says: “It is fantastic to be able to point to Science Gallery as a very vivid and engaging example of the innovative spirit that we often talk of as critical to Ireland’s future. Having seen the success of Science Gallery in Dublin, we recognise the potential for other cities and we are very pleased to support the work of the Gallery with this gift.”

Phase II Investors:


Ron and Barbara created the Cordover Family Foundation about 25 years ago, and through it have made significant gifts to Art, Educational and Health causes. They have supported exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D. C., the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, the Brooklyn Museum, the National Academy Museum, the Knoxville Museum, the Royal Academy in London and many others. They have made gifts to M.I.T. to further the interests of the M.I.T Museum and have created a scholarship fund to assist students interested in the interface between Art and Science. They have helped the Science Gallery of Trinity College to expand its unique model of interactive museum exhibitions to focus attention on the criticality of science to today’s society, and on the close relationship between creative science and technology and the creative arts. They have supported hospital research and teaching, and as well as support for a major hospital facility for children.

Ron says “It is our pleasure to provide this support to SGI, as we share in Science Gallery’s mission of igniting creativity and discovery where art and science intersect. We have full confidence that SGI will succeed in making an important difference to millions of young adults in their search to understand the world around them, and look forward to following the expansion of the Global Science Gallery Network as we approach 2020”.


Human Dignity Foundation's (HDF) vision is a world where all children and young people are living with dignity. Guided by its vision, HDF supports relevant organisations to expand and improve their work .Children and young people account for almost half the world’s population and although their rights to survival, development, protection and participation are guaranteed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, millions of children experience poverty and abuse. HDF recognises the importance of supporting children and young people and believes that every child and young person has a right to realise and execute their rights.  HDF is a private, Swiss foundation established in 2004 and governed by a Board of Directors. The foundation has a limited lifespan and will end its grantmaking in 2021.


Our operating costs are ~€1M per annum. We are currently 50% reliant on philanthropy. We are actively seeking partners to help us build the first truly global network dedicated to igniting the creative potential of young people. To talk further contact Noeleen Hartigan, Sustainability Manager . +353 87 61 67 689