Science Gallery International is the independent not-for-profit catalysing the growth of the Global Science Gallery Network. 

Established in 2012, in just five years we have leveraged €2.3 million of philanthropic donations to generate a further €30 million investment by the network members. 

By 2020 we will be reaching at least 3 million young people annually with our exhibitions, education programmes and outreach activities. 


Science Gallery International enables the tools, research and human mobility that connects this unique global network as well as influencing the debate on education, employment, and equality in major international fora.


Science Gallery International Executive Director Andrea Bandelli


We are actively seeking new corporate and philanthropic partners to support the expansion of our network throughout the world. For more information, contact Noeleen Hartigan, our Sustainability Manager, at or +353 871 61 67 689

Science Gallery International was founded with a €1 million investment from Our second phase investors are Ron Cordover on behalf of The Cordover Family Foundation, The Human Dignity Foundation and one private individual donor. 



Science Gallery International is a charity registered in the Republic of Ireland: CHY 20125. Registered offices at 22 Temple Lane South, Dublin 2, Ireland. Company registration number: 511842.