Touring Exhibitions

Science Gallery exhibitions bring together a wide and multidisciplinary selection of cutting edge ideas from artists, engineers, designers and scientists.

They are designed to open up debate, challenge opinion and create a dynamic visitor experience that is at once surprising, participative and stimulating. We don’t dumb down science or patronise curious young minds, instead presenting ideas to audiences of all ages in a highly engaging, conversational way.

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Student mediators: a new approach to science communication

A student mediator talks risk and maths using a blackjack table in Science Gallery Dublin's 'RISK LAB'.

The content of Science Gallery exhibitions is deliberately non-didactic, and gallery text is purposely kept to a snap-shot-minimum. This enables the stories, themes and science content of the exhibition to be delivered by a dedicated team of mediators, trained to engage with the visitors on a number of levels creating an active dialogue.

This mediator model is a unique component of Science Gallery exhibitions, creating a dynamic visitor environment with a genuine opportunity to surprise, inspire and challenge exhibition visitors. The model can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of the host venue’s own style of visitor interaction. A detailed mediator handbook and training for your staff will be supplied with the exhibition.


Open calls: crowd-sourcing our exhibitions 

Using open calls, we crowdsourcing programme ideas from artists, scientists, engineers, and technologists from all over the world. We encourage and support students to contribute to these open calls, meaning emerging minds also have a platform to accelerate their work into the public realm. This means our exhibitions represent the most provocative, innovative and contemporary thinking on the themes they explore, with a variety unlike any other exhibition.

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